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Caktus & Maria
"Il Mondo è a Colori"
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The project I have been talking about is coming to fruition! Only 13 days left till the opening! Those of you Montreal based, come and enjoy!
Still a number of things to finish, some of them are paintings, other are just preparation.

Another peony.

This one is also up!

Another one up in the store.

And the posting starts.First drawing up on etsy, more to come soon!

A brief interlude to inform you that I am giving a 12 week drawing program to Montrealers in English, French and Russian. For more info go here or here.



I have new project.

Not so long ago I made a great discovery: The New York Academy of Art.

It’s a wonderful place that offers  the possibility of doing a two year MFA.
I have made the decision of applying to the school in 2015. I have thirty months to create a portfolio as well as raise the funds to attend.

I created a blog where you can read about the journey as it goes.

Thirty Months to NYAA.

I am not longer updating this but, you can follow me here:

A Vague Sense of Unease

As you my dear followers notice. I am not updating this anymore. I might one day.

For now go see Rocoquirk’s sister Rocoquirk-Art.

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